About the CS SecurityLab

Located in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University, the CS SecurityLab is an academic and research facility that investigates problems relating to information assurance and computer and network security.

Current areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • forensics
  • network security
  • privacy enhancing technologies
  • secure distributed systems
  • tamper-evident systems

More information about the SecurityLab’s current projects is listed on the Projects page.

The lab is managed by Profs. Micah Sherr and Clay Shields.

Current undergraduate and graduate students at Georgetown who are interested in computer security research should review the Projects page and contact one of the affiliated faculty.

Students who are interested in joining Georgetown and working in the SecurityLab should apply through the department’s regular admissions process, and state a preference for working with the SecurityLab in their application statements.


CS SecurityLab Projects are partially funded through the National Science Foundation and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.



Exploiting the differences between human
and computer speech recognition
Detecting instances of censorship with Senser
Mapping the Tor network
Analyzing the security of law enforcement wiretaps
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